Virtual Assistant Thermo King
How can Thermo King dealers organise their customer management and increase sales by 30%?
Through the use of the virtual assistant we've got rid of paper-based reports and streamlined control over company's operations.
Sergei Arhiereev, Thermo King Russia
Who does the virtual assistant help?
What kind of companies will increase their sales through the virtual assistant
  • Thermo King dealers selling refrigeration units
  • Dealers willing to grow
  • Dealers not afraid of implementing new ideas in communication with their clients and working with their client base
What you will get
Simplify customer management
The assistant will help create a common client base with segmentation by categories:
— objective clients—those who work with other brands apart from Thermo King;
— key clients—those who work exclusively with Thermo King;
— top clients—determined by the dealership.

Each client's record will include transactions, correspondence, upcoming meetings and calls.
Determine most profitable clients
Assistant helps to create client ratings. For that, assess client's loyalty, existence of an active service contract, perspectives and other criteria in client's record card.

The system will help to detect most promising and valuable clients.
Get constant flow of clients
The system will help you not to forget about your clients.

Depending on the client's rating it will remind you when to call them and start negotiating a new contract. The higher the rating the sooner the assistant will suggest starting the new contract negotiation.
Automatize reports
You will see online all the necessary information about the sales rates and number of transactions.

Virtual assistant will help to create a report by a certain manager, working period or type of client.
As a result you will increase sales by 30%
  • You will rid yourself of the routine work
  • Automatize work with the client base and reports
  • Focus your efforts on more active and loyal clients
Virtual assistant prompts us when to start negotiation about the new contract. And client's record card tracks the history of our interactions.
Sergei Arhiereev, Thermo King Russia
Interface examples
More about Virtual Assistant
A cloud program
You don't have to look for documents in different folders or worry about data safety anymore.

All the information about sales and clients is stored in a cloud and is available from any device: computer, laptop or smartphone.
CRM module
Here the system stores the client base and keeps record of active transactions.
Complementary modules
Tasks and projects management tool, cloud storage, possibility for business processes fine-tuning and for additional automatization.
The program operates in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Turkish languages.
Common information space
Your employees work in a single program, which simplifies and standardizes communication.
Possibility for integration
You can integrate other services like VoIP, SMS and email marketing. The system also has an open API.
More about the company
20 years
In refrigeration equipment market
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    Sergei Arhiereev, Thermo King Russia
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